NIELS PEERAER, born in Antwerp 1989, a
Belgian fashion & accessories designer
graduated with honors from the
Royal Fashion Academy of Antwerp
June 2011,

PARIS (2012) established eponymous leather
accessories brand created by Niels Peeraer
is known for its visually unique and
emotional work. Each collection explores
the contrast between masculine & feminine,
the roughness of the material against the
light heartedness of the designs,
culminating a new vision.

‘there is no limit to cuteness’


Niels Peeraer bags have no stitching, and
are entirely assembled through screws and
hardware. Through this self-developped
technique we can achieve much cleaner
lines and strength on our pieces.

We also use a special waxing-process
to create a smooth surface even on the
inside of the leather, to celebrate the
natural beauty of leather in its entirety.

(Our vegetable tanned cow hide is sourced
from Scandinavia, as byproduct from meat
consumption, in respect for the animal.)

To finish we use gold plated custom created
hardware & brass fittings for construction.

All materials are sourced within Europe and handmade in Spain.

Brand vision

Touch as many hearts as possible with our
cuteness, not through mass-production and
cutting corners but through respect for
the materials, traditional craftmanship
and our attention to detail.

the functionality of an architectural
volume, combined with our signature bows
and details that make our bags so unique.